Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Moment

That moment when you just feel uncomfortable in your own body. You hate looking in the mirror, you intentionally stay out of pictures because you hate to look at yourself in your pictures. Your friends invite you to go to the beach and you try to come up with any reason that you can't go because there is no way that you want to be seen in a bathing suit on the beach. You wear clothes that make you look even worse but they cover up everything that needs to be covered up. Yeah these are all the moments that I have had and decided I can't stand to live like this one more day.
So I decided to stop eating all the junk food that I had been avoiding because really, my excuses are not even valid, they never were. I thought I am fat anyway one more day of eating junk won't hurt. Then I kept eating that junk every day. Before I knew it a size six went to a size sixteen! WTF!
I then asked how did I get like this! Well duh! I ate and was not exercising.
I am eating healthy again, and exercising. Doing good on the new lifestyle. I have noticed that I feel so much better eating healthier.
So My journey begins. My goal is to lose 55-60 pounds by December when I graduate from college.